Bremer Bay is a small fishing and holiday resort on the south coast of Western Australia. It is approximately 490 kilometres from Perth which makes it about 5 hours driving time by the most direct route. Alternatively if you are travelling via Albany on the south coast it is about two hours drive east of Albany.

Bremer Bay’s main attractions are its superb sheltered estuary and beaches for fishing, diving and surfing. It also adjoins the unique Fitzgerald River National Park. Aside from the pristine coastline the National Park contains a huge range of flora species and provides a spectacular whale watching experience at certain times of the year.

If you are after cafes, restaurants, wineries and nightlife – forget it! Bremer Bay is as yet undeveloped and is more suited to laid back holidays and enjoying the natural surrounds. There is a lovely rammed earth hotel/ resort which offers restaurant and casual dining including a selection of wines from the region. A small local museum also offers “real” coffee and casual meals.

There is a general store and hardware for your holiday supplies and two caravan parks. There is a small airstrip and at one stage there were regular flights from Perth but we are not sure if these still occur. Otherwise there are daily flights to Albany and car hire or bus trips available.